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THE AGUDAH’s employment and training divisions, PCS (Professional Career Services) and COPE (Career Opportunities and Preparation for Employment) Institute, were founded to help members of the community find a respectable parnassah, enabling them to support their families and become productive members of the community. Together, they sponsor a comprehensive array of employment services including vocational guides, literacy education, classroom training and networking in a culturally-sensitive environment. Major areas of training include computer programming, real estate management, accounting and related fields, often culminating in a Bachelor of Science degree and enabling students to sit for the CPA exams. Direct job placement is also provided along with career counseling and preparation for employment.


"I am very grateful to Agudas Yisroel for creating programs such as COPE and PCS which allowed me to transition from Kollel years to the business workforce without having to sacrifice my frumkeit. They provided me with the ability to earn parnassah."

Efraim Perlstein

COPE Graduate

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