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YESHIVA SERVICES of Agudath Israel of America serves yeshivos, collaborates with government officials and bridges these worlds to ensure that the unique needs of our yeshivos are understood, represented, and fiercely advocated for. It also partners with other non-public school groups to tirelessly work on behalf of yeshivos at the city, state and federal levels on a kaleidoscope of issues.

The division provides close to 760 schools with a steady stream of informative emails and in-person training that principals and administrators have come to depend on to navigate the growing list of administrative requirements, as well as to learn about available resources. They also provide valuable referrals to government contacts and knowledgeable attorneys. Yeshiva Services is active at every level in nearly 30 states nationwide, and counting!

Schools, that Agudah advises and represents
Policy-making seat on more than influential state & city educational boards across the country that plan and write policy.
Cases monthly, from schools across the country

“The Agudah serve a very, very important role. Here we can turn to an organization that helps the yeshivos and day schools in a way that we can never imagine to be able to do on our own.”

Rabbi Yosef Posen

Executive Director, Lakewood Cheder, Bais Faiga

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